The Thurlow Library & Archives

Thanks to the wonderful work of volunteer archivists and librarians, the research library and archives at the Elliott Museum can now assist researchers by special appointment.  Available for research are special topic books, historical photographs, and archival documents that have been processed so far.  The work of our archivists is ongoing.

The Library includes maritime, automobile, baseball, local history, and reference books related to the Museum’s collection.  You can read or reference the books while visiting the Thurlow Library and Archives only (it is not a lending library).  You can now search the cataloged books in the library through this link “Click Here”

The Archive includes historical documents ranging from the late 1800s to the present.  There is a significant collection of material relating to Frances Langford, Hugh Willoughby, the founding of Stuart, Florida, Sterling Elliott’s patents, and historical photographs.  Many of the historical photographs have been digitized to insure their preservation and accessibility.  Call 772-225-1961, ext. 119 with questions about the library and archives.  Our archivists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thurlow Library and Archives volunteers