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Updated 12/15/19

Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Auto Collection!

On December 10th, the Museum received a  donation of a 1930 Model A Ford two-door sedan from Mr. Larry Paretta of Port St. Lucie.  Henry Ford called this model the “Tudor” (for two-door) and he called the four-door sedan the “Fordor”.  Hey, it was a simpler time.  In 2012, Mr. Elliott Donnelley donated his collection of Model A Fords to the Museum. While one of the largest Model A collections in the world, the Donnelley collection did not include an example of a Tudor, the most popular Model A body style with 376,271 examples made in 1930.  We are delighted to have a nice example of this Model A to fill an important gap in the Museum’s collection.  Our thanks to Mr. Paretta for his generosity.

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