Discontinuing Summer Art Camp at the Elliott Museum

Dear Parents & Artists –

It has been decided that 2019 will be the final year for the Summer Art Camp program and all regular art classes and workshops at the Elliott Museum.  Our Art Studio Coordinator is retiring in September and the room will be repurposed for a number of other special events and exhibits.  The space is available for meetings, parties, and other events.  Click for more information: Facilities Rentals

We would like to thank you sincerely for your support of our program over the last seven summers!  It was fun to watch the kids grow both as artists and into wonderful young people!   Please continue to watch for fun and inspiring opportunities at both of our Museums.

From the Historical Society of Martin County’s President & CEO, Rob Steele:

The Historical Society of Martin County will certainly continue our decades-long commitment to the enjoyment of visual arts in our venues.  The path we travel to support visual arts will be winding, widening, narrowing, and hopefully careening as we discover new ways to challenge our audiences and participants.  In the near term, we will be focusing more on engagement than education so that we can use our limited resources to touch as many people as we are able.  Exhibit settings afford us the opportunity to reach hundreds or even thousands of art lovers, while our potential census is very limited in a classroom setting.  We are deeply appreciative of all of the efforts of the art instructors who have shared their talents at the Elliott Museum and it is our sincere hope that they will continue to be a part of our journey. – July, 2019